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We are a vibrant Anglican parish serving this area of Toronto since 1848. We strive to be an open and welcoming faith community for any who are looking for a new spiritual home and for those who appreciate the liturgy of the Anglican Church. I hope you will take the time to drop by anytime and check us out – during the week or on Sundays.

The Rev Greg Carpenter, Incumbent

August 9, 2020 - St Dominic, Priest and Friar

Celebrate online live! Prayer Service - Aug 2, 2020, St Stephen, Deacon & Martyr

Celebrate online live! Prayer Service - July 26, 2020, St James the Apostle

Celebrate online live! Prayer Service - The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, July 19, 2020

Celebrate online live! Prayer Service - The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, July 12, 2020

Morning Prayer at St Jude Wexford

Announcements for Sunday, August 9, 2020

St Dominic, Priest and Friar

Covid-19 update.  Although the Premier of Ontario announced that church communities would be permitted to resume worship in the middle of June, we continue to follow the direction given us by the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario: for our church buildings to remain closed for public worship through the summer.

On Tuesday June 30, the Diocesan Protocols for Re-opening were released. This extensive document outlines what we need to do as a parish to facilitate a safe space for re-opening. Your Corporation is going through it to ensure we are ready. There is still much to do in this regard.

On Friday July 10, Bishop Asbil informed the Diocese that, should a continued decline in infection and if we experience a further ‘flattening of the curve’, the Diocese of Toronto will enter the Amber phase as laid out by the Ecclesiastical Province and re-open for public worship (with certain restrictions in place) on Sunday September 13.

Fr Greg away.  Fr Greg will be taking vacation time from August 4-11 (inclusive).

Thank you Archbishop Fred. While Fr Greg is on vacation, we are pleased to have Archbishop Fred Hiltz as our Officiant and preacher.

On Monday August 3rd There was a significant flood in the Church basement through the floor drain in the furnace room. Thanks to Nicolas Castañeda and Lina Arbelaez, Barry Wildridge and Fr. Greg and a team of people the water was cleared out of the affected areas quickly. The insurance company has been contacted and so has the city. It was discovered that the blockage in the system that leads to the drain was on city property and it has now been cleared.

Readings next week.  There will be online prayer offered this week. please see the readings below. Tuesday August 11: Solomon 2:10-13, Luke 12:32-37. Thursday August 13: James 2:14-26, Matthew 5:17-20. Friday August 14, 1 Peter 4:12014, 16-19, John 15:12-19, 26-27

ZOOM coffee hour. Enjoy a time to catch up with your St Jude’s friends from11:45 am until 12:30 pm; approximately the time of our regular coffee hour. Please contact the office for the information and instructions.

Monthly service in Spanish. Our monthly service of prayers with hymns in Spanish will be live streamed on Facebook on Saturday September 5 at 6:00 pm.

Supporting St Jude’s while separated. Thanks to those who continue to support the ongoing life and work of the parish during this time of separation. In the week of August 2-8 we held one online service.   We provided food to 47 households, representing 133 individuals on Wednesday August 5. Please contact our Treasurer, Kevin Steffler through the parish office (416-755-5872) to make your donation or make your donation online

Anuncios para el domingo 9 de agosto del 2020

San Esteban, Diacono y Mártir

Actualización de Covid-19. Aunque el primer ministro de Ontario anunció que a las comunidades eclesiásticas se les permitiría reanudar el culto a mediados de junio, continuamos siguiendo la dirección que nos dio la Provincia Eclesiástica de Ontario: que los edificios de nuestra iglesia permanezcan cerrados para el culto público durante el verano.
El martes 30 de junio, se publicaron los Protocolos Diocesanos para la Reapertura. Este extenso documento describe lo que debemos hacer como parroquia para facilitar un espacio seguro para la reapertura. Su Corporación lo está revisando para garantizar que estemos listos. Todavía queda mucho por hacer a este respecto.
El viernes 10 de julio, el obispo Asbil informó a la Diócesis que, en caso de una disminución continua de la infección y si experimentamos un nuevo ‘aplanamiento de la curva’, la Diócesis de Toronto entrará en la fase Ámbar según lo establecido por la Provincia Eclesiástica y volverá a abrir para el culto público (con ciertas restricciones vigentes) el domingo 13 de septiembre.

Ausencia del padre Greg. El padre Greg tomará vacaciones del 4 al 11 de agosto (inclusive).

Gracias nuevamente al Arzobispo Fred. Nuestro servicio en línea continuara el domingo con el Arzobispo Fred Hiltz como nuestro celebrante y predicador.

Lecturas la próxima semana. El padre Greg dirigirá los servicios de oración esta semana. Martes 11 de agosto: Salomón 2:10-13, Lucas 12:32-37. Jueves 13 de agosto: Santiago 2:14-26, Mateo 5:17-20. Viernes 14 de agosto: 1 de Pedro 4:12-14,16-19, Juan 15: 12-19, 26-27.

La Hora del café por ZOOM. ZOOM hora del café. Disfrute de un tiempo para ponerse al día desde las 11:45 a.m. hasta las 12:30 p.m. aproximadamente el tiempo de nuestra hora de café regular. Póngase en contacto con la oficina para obtener información e instrucciones.

Servicio mensual en español. Nuestro servicio mensual en español se transmitirá en vivo por Facebook el sábado 5 de septiembre a las 6:00pm.

Apoyando a St. Jude mientras está aislado. Gracias a aquellos que tienen y continúan apoyando la vida y el trabajo en curso de la parroquia durante este tiempo de separación. En la semana de agosto 2 al 8 tuvimos un servicio en línea. El miércoles 5 de agosto nosotros proporcionamos alimentos a 47 hogares, que representan a 133 individuos Comuníquese con nuestro Tesorero, Kevin Steffler, a través de la oficina parroquial (416-755-5872) para hacer su donación o hacer su donación en línea.

Bishop announces cessation of worship services

Posted on March 13, 2020

To the Clergy and People of the Diocese of Toronto –

Beloved in Christ:

It is an indication of how quickly things are changing regarding the Covid-19 pandemic that we need to update our message of earlier today.

Since this morning, the Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario has issued directives that recommend “the immediate suspension of all large events and public gatherings of over 250 people.”  In response to this, the Provincial House of Bishops has decided that the time has come to suspend public worship in the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, including the Diocese of Toronto.  Please see our Metropolitan’s letter here.

Until further notice, and starting Sunday, March 15, 2020, the College of Bishops is cancelling all corporate worship and all other gatherings in our churches. Ministries of service to marginalized and disadvantaged communities may continue using the utmost care, acting consistent with the Ministry of Health directives. (Those licensees and other outside groups who do not fall under our authority may continue to utilise our spaces as agreed, provided that they too are acting consistent with the Ministry of Health directives.)

We make this decision with a heavy heart, not out of a sense of fear but in confidence that it is the right, safe and caring decision to make for the Church, and for the world, at this time.

Although we cannot gather for corporate worship, it has never been more important that we lift our prayers and praises to a merciful God, and to exercise care and charity for ourselves and our neighbours. Please continue in your personal devotions, privately and with your family, particularly on Sunday. Pray for this situation and for those most affected by it, especially the sick. Check in by telephone or email with others, particularly the isolated and vulnerable. I urge the clergy of the Diocese to provide pastoral care and support as best as you are able, using the guidelines already shared earlier.

Finally, we urge the clergy and lay leaders to facilitate worship as much as you are able using the technology available to you. There are many fine worship resources available online, and all of our liturgical texts are posted on the Anglican Church of Canada website.  Please help every Anglican to feel connected to their parish family. I am planning to offer a short online service on Sunday morning; a link will be provided soon.

This has been a remarkable time in our life together. I am inspired by the caring response of all who are engaged in ministry at this time. Please continue to work to uphold the Light of Christ as we journey through this Season of Lent.

The Provincial House of Bishops and the College of Bishops for the Diocese of Toronto are continually monitoring the situation and will be communicating with you frequently in the days to come. Please keep us in your prayers.

Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil
Bishop of Toronto

Bishop announces cessation of worship services



During this time of separation, we continue to offer live streamed prayer services on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 10:30 am (English) and at 1:00 pm (in Spanish) on Facebook.

Our Sunday services are streamed live on Facebook at 10:30 am.

All services will also be linked to the home page of our website..

Jun. 6

En español
Oraciones con himnos (6:00pm)

Jun. 7

Trinity Sunday

June. 14

Pentecost 2

June. 21

Pentecost 3

June. 28

Pentecost 4
(Canada Day observed)

Jul. 4

En español
Oraciones con himnos (6:00pm)

Jul. 5

Pentecost 5

Jul. 12

Pentecost 6

Jul. 19

Pentecost 7

Jul. 26

Pentecost 8

Aug. 1

San Esteban el mártir – Oraciones con himnos (6:00pm)

Aug. 2

St Stephen the Martyr

Aug. 9

St Dominic

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The Deacon’s Pantry Food Bank
at St Jude’s is an Essential Service. We will remain open to those in need within our community as long as we are permitted, every Wednesday from 10:00 am – Noon.

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